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The Mask of Shanaka

The town of Chegutu, on the south of the Black Coast, is said to be ancient. Yet in the town itself little value is found – mere rickety huts and plantations. The old Chegutu was lost to the jungle, forgotten to some disaster in the wilds.

Prince Akhet, ruler of the town, has spent little energy searching for the ruins since his appointment to rule ten years ago – already a wealthy man. However, when the foreign mercenary Zarono arrived intending to seek it out, the Prince took action, claiming the city belongs to him and that none other may seek it. He has taken Zarono’s first mate Bardo hostage, and blocked the privateer’s entry to the port.

Conflict now brews between two oppressors, with the people of Chegutu in the middle. Yet they are the true heirs to the ancient lost city…


Main Page

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