Chegutu is a coastal town in southern Kush, located on the mouth of the river Oum. The lands surrounding Chegutu are fertile and rich, with the wet marshy climate making it perfect for growing rice, bananas, squash, papyrus and other water-intensive crops, and the jungles are ripe with monkeys and wild boars for hunting. The region is particularly prized for its banana beer, a delicacy enjoyed by natives from the lowly workers to the wealthier land-owners.

Yet Chegutu is restless, chafing under the heavy taxes and levies instated by the royals. Formally, the town is the regional capital, and governed by Prince Akhet, but much of the governance is in practice done by two local families, the Ndele of the forests and the Yurunga of the coast. Prince Akhet dwells in his estate on an island off the coast, and does little but collect taxes for his aunt, the Queen.

The local deities are mainly spirits of jungle and water, with the dark god Yogar being fervently worshiped out of fear. His minions, the Biloko, are fearsome monkey demons of the wilderness.

A minority of Mgeni also live here, a tight-knit clan calling themselves Pree Arjai. They serve the locals mostly as doctors and herbalists.


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